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How To Spot A Fake Rolex

Rolex is a well-known status symbol, with approximately 700,000 watches produced each year. It’s also one of the most often imitated watch brands. Many multinational watch manufacturers have responded to the demand throughout the years by making good quality fake watches. Most fake Rolex watches are practically identical replicas of their real counterparts to skilled eyes. Simply glancing at a fake Rolex is no longer enough to identify it. The only way to be certain is to take the watch to an authorised dealer, experienced watchmaker, or upscale watch store.

Good fake Rolex copies are difficult to detect, but there are a few crucial characteristics that can help you tell the difference:

  1. Second-Hand Stuttering

If you’re still unclear about the differences between a “stuttering” second hand and a “smooth” one, listen very closely – a real Rolex should not make a ticking noise.

  1. Weight Is Important

Rolex is a premium watch, thus the materials used to create it will always be of the greatest quality. Holding a fake Rolex in your hand is another method to detect it. Is it hefty, or is this on the lighter side? A genuine Rolex is made of high-quality metals, thus it is not light. If the watch feels light in your hand, it was most likely made with inferior metal and is a forgery.

  1. Metal Grade

Rolex does not manufacture watches or bracelets in 14k gold or gold plating. A genuine Rolex is made from stainless steel, 18k gold, or platinum. A fake Rolex will have fading gold or metal showing beneath the gold.

  1. Magnification

Rolex inserts a magnifying glass pane above the date on genuine Rolex watches with a date. The Cyclops lens on the face of a genuine Rolex magnifies the date by 2.5 times its typical size. This draws your attention to the date. The date should completely fill the glass bubble.

  1. Examine the crown

The crown is another tell-tale feature of a fake Rolex watch. On a real Rolex, the crown, a little piece of metal on the side of the watch, will be detailed and precise. A watch with a smooth crown, especially one that seems simple or brushed over, is a red flag. You’ll notice a lack of detail on the crown on many fake Rolex watches.

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