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Luxury Jewellery Auctions Australia

Crown Auctions is an important benchmark when it comes to luxury jewellery auctions in Australia.

Collectors who are looking for special items, sellers, and traders can meet on the occasion of our live or online luxury jewellery auctions.

Jewellery is more than simple objects, and jewellery auctions are more than usual auctions. The items at auctions bring their stories with them, they reflect a lifestyle, and they provide a glimpse of another culture, another life, another time.

During the years, Crown Auctions handled auctions for unique pieces of jewellery: from celebrity provenance to noble origin, from unique design to rare materials.

Jewellery Auctions Australia: how they work

We collect pieces of jewellery from all around the world. Sellers can submit their items with photos and descriptions, and we evaluate them carefully, verifying every piece of information.

Jewellery is then showcased in our auctions, where bidders can see the items, show interest and place their bids.

When the auction is closed, we process the payment and shipment of the item immediately, so that the buyer can get their piece of jewellery in a matter of a few days.

Jewellery Auction Australia: why chose Crown Auction

Crown Auction is known as one of the most reliable auctioneers in the country and worldwide. Reliability is highly important, always but especially when it comes to online auctions which is something Crown Auction provide to their clients.

Crown Auctions brings benefits to all the parts involved:

  • sellers can transform unwanted jewellery into an income
  • sellers don’t need to worry about anything. Crown Auctions take charge of the entire auction process
  • buyers can count on a secure platform
  • buyers can count on the fastest item delivery service on the market.

At Crown Auctions, we put our professionals, our expertise, and our passion at our clients’ disposal, whether they be buyers or sellers.

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