Sellers Introduction

If you are looking to sell your watch or timepiece with Crown Auctions, simply browse our introduction video below to learn more about how to get started and the process from submission to receiving payment and beyond.

Auction Process

Step 1: Apply

  • Submit your details to . It is requested that you include detailed item descriptions, images, certificate, purchase receipts, box, instruction manual and other relevant information.

Step 2: Estimate

  • A qualified jeweller will assess the information you provided. Should we require further information, we will be in contact.
  • If we decide your item is fit for auction, a form 9 (auctioneers agreement) will be sent to you which will address the reserve price and the costs that will be incurred in relation to same.

Step 3: Delivery

  • If you decide to accept the proposal, you will submit your item either in person to our head office, or by post. Once received, our qualified jeweller will then inspect the item.

Step 4: Agreement

  • Provided the item is in an acceptable condition, an agreement (form 9) will be available for you to sign;

Step 5: Preparation

  • Upon signing of the agreement, your item will be prepared for auction.

Step 6: Auction

  • Once the item has been prepared for auction, it will then be allocated to an auction as per agreed

Step 7: Sale

  • If the item sells, payment will be made to your nominated bank account.

Why use Crown Auction  

If you’re looking to sell unwanted fine jewellery and watches, there are various methods available to you. Whether it be high-value jewellery or watches, there are many benefits of using the auction process to sell your valuables.

Best Potential Return on Investment

Irrespective of whether your valuables are new or second-hand, selling through the auction process means your chances of achieving the best price possible are much greater. Due to the competitiveness between bidders, your valuables may sell for a figure you may not have been offered elsewhere and the audience exposure  and participation is far greater than in room auctions


Upon your valuables being accepted, they will then be placed in a catalogue sent to our databases, subscribers, online marketing platforms and social media feeds to give the seller the broadest coverage in today’s market.  All these methods cover international and national buyers using geographic data enhancements with our online marketing partners 


Using an auction platform, you will immediately have access to active bidders who are ready to buy and bid online from all corners of the world.  


As auctioneers we comply with various Commonwealth legislation and regulations, the risk of falling victim to a dubious transaction is mitigated. As soon as the hammer falls, a sale is regarded as legally binding and is finalized that day. Once the funds are received, they are held by the Crown Auctions Trust Account on behalf of the seller prior to being dispersed. 

If you are ready to achieve the highest cash return from your valuables, contact Crown Auctions and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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