History Of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches have been around since 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded Wilsdorf and Davis in London, England. Wilsdorf and Davis was the predecessor of Rolex and they are credited with inventing the wristwatch. The company was later renamed Rolex in 1908 and moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Rolex watches have been innovating ever since. In 1926, Rolex unveiled the world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch, the Oyster. In 1945, Rolex introduced the Datejust, the first self-winding date display watch. In 1953, Rolex released the Submariner, which was the world’s first divers watch.

Rolex is renowned for its precision and the quality of its watches. Its watches are tested to survive extreme temperatures, depths of up to 300 meters, and gravitational forces of up to 7 Gs. Rolex watches are also known for their styling and elegance. Rolex has also been involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives, including creating the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 1976 to recognize individuals who make significant contributions to humanity.

Rolex watches remain a symbol of luxury and are highly sought after.

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