Gold Karats

To understand the different karat levels of gold, it helps to understand what a karat is in the first place. Karat refers to 1/24 part of an alloy’s total composition. We measure a gold alloy’s purity by how many karats it contains.

Gold is traditionally considered a precious metal, but it is too soft to be worn as jewelry at the 24k level. Therefore, gold must be mixed with other metals to make it wearable and durable. The mixing of metals results in a variety of karat levels, which can be defined by their percentages of pure gold. Lower karat levels are typically less expensive because they contain less gold but are harder and thus more durable.

What is 14 karat gold?

14k solid gold contains 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy. Due to 14k golds strength, 14k gold is often considered the most wearable type of gold.

What is 18 karat gold?

Gold jewelry of the 18 karat quality standard contains 18 parts gold (75%), and 6 parts alloys (25%).

What is 24 karat gold?

Pure 24 karat gold is 100% pure, with no alloys added. Because it is so soft, 24 karat gold is typically used in high-end jewelry and electronics, not for everyday wear.

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