Buyers Introduction

If you are looking to buy a luxury Swiss Watch at Crown Auctions, simply browse our introduction video below to learn more about how to get started by registering and verifying yourself to take a part in our online auctions.

Getting Started

Bidding is done entirely online and comes in two forms: Instant Bids and Maximum Bids.

Single Bids are placed by a buyer as a bid at the value you have entered.

For example, if the current bid is at $90 and the next bid is asking you to input a bid of $100, the bid price immediately increase to $100 and that’s it your bid is placed 

If you want to add you Maximum Bids, place a bid that is your maximum price, this bid can be changed upward whenever you like but cannot be altered once placed.

Once you have selected your MAX bid It automatically outbids competing bidders (if your max bid is greater than the competing bidder).

For example, if you are willing to pay $500 for an item, and that item is currently at $200, your bid will outbid the other buyer to $220 if this was their MAX  

If the opposing bidder had placed a MAX of $550 you will be outbid and you can once again bid a higher value.  

The buyer’s premium is an additional cost paid by the winning bidder that goes towards covering the costs of running The Auction 

Some items may have reserves which is a minimum sales price on an item. If an item has a reserve, you may or may not see ‘reserve not met’ if the reserve value is higher than the value of the current bid.

In the case an item does not meet reserve, the item will be passed in.

In the event the item is passed we may or may not notify the highest bidder with a reserve price to achieve a successful outcome for all parties. 

All our auctions have soft closes which extends the end time of an auction see terms and conditions 

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