May Birthstone – Emerald

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The month of May is special for many reasons: warmer weather, blooming flowers, and of course its birthstone – the emerald. Emeralds are one of the most beautiful and valuable gems in the entire world and have been treasured by people for thousands of years.

Emeralds have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians and were used as a symbol of fertility, new life, and even rebirth. Emeralds were also believed to have healing properties and were often worn as a talisman to ward off evil spirits.

The emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl and is known for its vibrant green colour. It has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which is one of the highest ratings for any gemstone. The color of the emerald is created by the presence of chromium and sometimes vanadium in the stone.

The most valuable emeralds come from Colombia, where they can be found in the Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor mines. These are some of the oldest emerald mines in the world, having been mined since the 16th century.

Emeralds have been prized by royalty throughout history and have been used to adorn crowns and scepters. It has also been the favorite gem of many famous people such as Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, and even actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Today, emeralds are still popular and are the perfect gift for someone born in the month of May. They are also ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and even engagements. Emeralds are timeless and classic, making them a great addition to any jewellry collection.

So if you or someone you know was born in the month of May, an emerald is the perfect gift. Its beauty and symbolism make it a special and meaningful choice that will be cherished for years to come.

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